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Talking About Practice As Allen Iverson once infamously said, “We talkin’ ‘bout practice.” Not, however, with the insignificant connotation attributed to practice in Iverson’s notorious press conference. Some people dream of how perfect their lives would be if only they were blessed with the scarce and extraordinary skills possessed by the world’s most renowned athletes. In reality, the world is filled with exceptionally talented men and women who never sniff the likes of the Olympics or a professional league. It is only a select few people who choose to harvest their dreams in the fields of hard work and dedication. It is only a select few people who choose to forge their gifts in the fires of determination and sacrifice. (Parallelism). When talking about hard workers, Michael …show more content…

(L’itotes) With that being said, I have seen the work that I have put in completely transform my game when it comes to baseball. As a former travel baseball player I have seen dedication and hard work take me from a benchwarmer to a core player on a successful team. The memory of my first home-run remains firmly entrenched in my memory. I remember the sweltering summer heat. I remember seeing the fastball flying towards the plate, and then flying mere inches beyond the fence. I remember seeing my teammates crowded around the plate as I rounded third base. Most importantly, however, I remember my thoughts as I rounded the bases. After the ball barely cleared the fence my thoughts immediately veered to all the work that got me to that point. The Wednesday nights that past winter spent traveling 45 minutes to a practice facility, practicing for hours, and then driving 45 minutes back. The times I showed up early to games to get in extra batting practice. The workouts when I did that one extra rep. I thought of these moments because I knew that they were the difference between a home-run, and a mere double off of the

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