Taotie: The Four Essence Beasts Of Ancient Chinese Women

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The texture on the face of the bronze tripod vessel is Taotie饕餮which known as one of the four fierce beasts of ancient China. Taotie is a decorative motif that is found on many Ancient Chinese Bronzes. The fierce-looking beast is mysterious and terrifying. The primary attribute of this frontal animal-like mask is a prominent pair of eyes, often protruding in high relief. Between the eyes is a nose, often with nostrils at the base. In the Zhou dynasty, casting the Taotie on the food vessels was to warn people not to be as greedy as Taotie. This is not only a political necessity, but also has a great bearing on the low level of material production and the serious shortage of material supplies at that time. Gluttony not only harms the body but
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