Tap Water Case Study

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water source, and it’s then treated with chemical hence the odor emanating from tap water is obvious and could be easily perceived by his pets (anonymous interview).
The public trust in governmental agencies was for first time swatted in Flint, Michigan, when a catastrophic event claimed “12 lives,” due to corrosion of lead pipes. This was because of a gross negligence of the states' appointed emergency manager who decided to switch Flint’s public water source, to Michigan river. This oversight would have been mitigated by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), but unfortunately the agency did not delegate the required federally corrosion-control treatment. Even with complaints of the brown, smelly, lead laden tap water- The …show more content…

it is therefore considered safe since municipal water supplies are also regulated by the FDA, in addition, bottled water company typically reprocess the “portable municipal supplies through distillation, reverse osmosis, and ozonation. Municipal water supply accounts for about 45 percent of bottled water sold in the united -what this means is that bottled water may not any different from tap water, and according to the IBWA, "most FDA bottled water quality standards are the same as the EPA’s maximum contaminant levels (MCL) for tap water systems." In other words, some bottled water might not be treated as claimed by the IBWA. The EPA sets standards for maximum contaminant in municipal water supply which are otherwise considered normal for consumption, so therefore in a reasonable point of view, one may presume that adequate treatment is unnecessary (qtd. in Lurie).

When it comes to the topic of safety of Tap water or Bottled water, most of us or the Food and Drug Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency enthusiast will readily agree that “without a doubt, we have a drinking water system that’s the envy of the world,” that “it’s an urban myth that Bottled water is safer than Tap Water.” Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether Bottled Water or Tap Water is safe for consumption. But the truth remains that “some

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