Task 1.2- Properties ( Part Of P1 )

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Task 1.2- Properties (Part of P1)

Describe the properties of . . . and. Radiation. Things should be including:
• Their range in air
• What they are stopped by
• Their penetrating and ionising powers
• How they are affected by electrical and magnetic fields.
• How they are commonly detected.
• Any other properties.

Alpha, beta and gamma come from nuclear of an atom and they called radioactive, because it gives off radiation. These radiations absorb by different thickness of materials such as: Alpha radiation only travel few centimetre in the air, beta radiation travels tens centimetre in the air however gamma travel many meter in the air. If the substance is thicker, the more radiation it will absorbed. …show more content…

Beta radiation is an electron with the charge of -1. Its atomic number is -1 and atomic mass is 0. It is more penetrating than alpha radiation plus, has a less ionising power than alpha. It absorbed by thin aluminium sheet and used to control the thickness of different material such as thickness of the paper, plastic and aluminium. They use a detector to check if there is more or less particle being released or absorb. If the material is thicker then it need to the material will start to absorb the particle however if the material is too thin more beta particle will start to pass through, that’s how they finds out the thickness of the material. It is not very dangerous if it goes into our body because it usually get through the body, however it is very dangerous if it outside the body because it can penetrate the skin and cause damage to human cells. It is deflected by electrical and magnetic field because it has negative charge as I said positive and negative attract to each other.

Gamma radiation has 0 charges and 0 atomic mass and atomic number. It has a very high penetrating power than alpha and beta because it does not stop for many centimetres. The ionising power of gamma radiation is very low according to alpha and beta radiation. It is used to treat cancer and testing equipment; however it can be very dangerous for human health if it comes in contact with

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