Tattoo: A Narrative Fiction

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“Aaand… It looks like you’re all done.” The buzz of needle and ink faded until the only sounds were those of Laurence cleaning up the mess over the fresh tattoo, wiping off blood and starting to bandage it once more. The session had been long; longer than expected, and Nate itched to get back to his feet, to get his mind off of the burning in his skin from the work he’d just gotten done. Laurence looked up at him, flashing a smile and brushing a lock of bleached white hair from his face. Oh. That did the trick. He looked away, glancing over the bandaged marks on his arm, fighting valiantly against the heat starting to rise to his face. It had been a long night, but it would look great. Laurie’s stuff always did. He rose to his feet, fixing …show more content…

He’d need to figure out another reason to start coming over to the tattoo parlour. Maybe that meant dropping another couple hundred bucks on a tattoo. Oh God, was a crush really worth that amount of money? He glanced up briefly, looking over Laurence. He was all tattoos and piercings and muscle and oh fuck yeah he was worth a few weeks paychecks and a couple sessions of pain. He’d figure it out. Somehow. They approached the door and Nate finally had to pause, waiting for Laurence to unlock it so he could get home. His car was still next door at the nursery, and it wouldn’t be too terribly long before he could get home. Half-Hour. If there was traffic. There was the jingle of keys right behind him before Laurence made a sharp clicking noise with his …show more content…

I’ve never shown you my apartment.” Nate's breath caught in his throat. Had he hit his fucking head? There was no way that this was actually happening. No way that Laurie was actually... Interested in him. And yet there he was, waiting for an answer. Nate swallows hard before he did the most responsible, obvious thing: he nodded. Laurie's smile was blinding, excited, before he dropped his hands, taking one of Nate's in his own. They walked together back through the shop, Laurence turning lights off as he went, reaching the elevator that was tucked away in the back. Just like the nursery, although Nate didn't use the upstairs space as somewhere to

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