Technological Innovations In Policing Essay

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them. The increased privatization and militarization of policing are also relevant here.
Any new technological innovation is probable to have both intended and unintended consequences for crime and social control that are important to understand.
Three critical issues come immediately to mind. First, perhaps the most salient issue related to the new technological innovations is whether –over time – we will replace people (police officers, court officers, judges, corrections officers, and community corrections

Technological Innovations in Crime Prevention and Policing

with various forms of thing technology (CCTV, cameras that detect speeders, wired courts, electronic monitoring, supermax prisons, etc.). FOR EXAMPLE why do we need police
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Of course if such control-based technologies improved police performance, then such innovations would be on firm scientific ground, despite the obvious moral issues. That is not the case here. Only a handful of quality research studies of technology-based crime prevention and police innovations have been conducted to date; and careful reviews of this body of research suggest only a modest overall positive effect
While it is certainly possible that further research on various technology-based crime prevention and policing strategies may reveal strategies that increase police performance initially, it is important to consider exactly how this effect will be achieved. Weiburd recently observed that problem-oriented policing is more accurately described as a process, rather than a specific program. If coercive police strategies are being employed, the longer term effects may not be so positive, due to the distrust of the police in high crime, poverty pocket areas that will likely be fostered by such
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