Technology Addiction To Technology

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When we think of addictions we tend to think about drugs, alcohol, and other negative addictions, but my parents are addicted to technology. It all started in 2013 when they got their new samsung galaxies and ever since they became technology savvy and tend to show me new things they learned on their new devices. When my mother discovered how to screenshot she said “Hey Tre look what I did!” I replied “Ok.” Than she answered back with “I learned how to screenshot!” All I could do is burst into laughter and she sat there with a confused faced but yet still eagered she achieved such a difficult task. Their addiction to technology isn't a negative addiction yet, I see it as a humorous addiction and not as serious. The very first time we got internet my parents were so confused on how to fix the wifi and even make a password for the wifi. Every time the wifi was down I would turn it off and back on and it worked like magic. They saw it as if i've been working for comcast for my whole lifetime. Now they are Laptops and learning how to use Google. The very first stage of their addiction to technology is when they connected our desktop to the wifi and created a facebook. At first I saw it as an innocent act just to be up to date with modern technology, but little did I know it would turn into an issue. They would be on Facebook at all times of hours and when I logged into my Facebook I would have 100 plus notifications from my parents alone. They would tag me in memes, videos,

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