Technology And Education In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 a novel which will criticizes today’s society by mocking it in the future since that is when the novel is taking place in. Ray Bradbury’s novel was about a city trying to become a utopia, which is perfect land with true peace. In this certain utopia it bands all educational books. Of course in the beginning everything is all fine until a character decides to read a book and that will mark the beginning of his quests to find the knowledge to understand what he is reading. Bradbury’s vision of his future society is pretty accurate on today’s society with the use of technology and education. Education in the novel was completely different to the world today’s education. In the novel if caught reading or possession of a book it is considered illegal and the firemen will burn that house down. Clarisse McClellan asked Guy Montag did he ever read any of the books he burned his reply was “That’s against the law!” (Bradbury 8). Bradbury is telling the readers that in this society, people were not properly educated and are most likely to be incapable of comprehending what they are reading. There is another question Clarisse asked which took Montag by surprise, “I heard once that a long time ago houses used to burn accident and they needed firemen to stop flames”(Bradbury 8). In the present till to this day firemen have been helping put the fire out instead of starting, but somehow in the novel that was considered a myth because no one knows the past due to no
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