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With technology giving us better methods of communication, modernized education and immediate answers to our every question, we use it on a daily basis with little comprehension of what is does to us; but is there a price to pay for that? As the Internet progressively becomes our primary source of information and the use of technology continues to increase, it is speculated that our neurological processes are changing. Although smartphones and other related mobile devices are seen as influential and efficient, it is now thought that these devices have a lasting negative impact on our ability to process information, think critically, remember clearly, and mostly, pay attention. With this new digital lifestyle making it difficult to stay focused on one thing at a time, the human attention span has shortened greatly in the last decade (Borreli). In his essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, Nicholas Carr uses anecdotes, personal examples, and scientific studies to make the point that the Internet is affecting our critical thinking skills and ability to process information. In expansion from the argument that Carr makes to prove that the Internet is affecting certain mental abilities, it is important to question if and how technology and the Internet are also negatively impacting our attention spans.

As the population evolves to rely on a mobile Internet for most of their information, it is evident that many of our neurological processes are also changing.

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