Technology, Helpful Or Hurtful? Essay

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Technology, Helpful or Hurtful? What Can We Do to Help?
In today’s society, everyone has a technological device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. If you walk down the street, you will most likely be greeted by people looking down on their phones rather than paying attention to the world around them. There has been an increase in phone companies trying to prevent texting and driving for a reason. Everyone is attached to their phones. A person cannot simply be out of touch any more now that most our world revolves around the internet. As our society becomes more “technology savvy”, there is a younger generation that is being raised in this world. How is this affecting them? Gone are the days where a child is simply entertained by a Barbie doll or action figure. Instead, children receive iPads or tablets at a young age to keep their attention while parents go along with their chores. Is early exposure changing the way children think and is it causing negative affects to those who partake in social media? The next generation has technology at their fingertips. They are able to communicate with anyone they want whenever they want thus resulting in a lack of communication skills among their peers. Parents need to step up to the plate to help their children by implementing a new code of conduct among their children when it comes to social media.
The main problem today with technology is the fact that young children are being exposed to technology/ social media at such a

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