Technology Impact On Technology

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Everyone has seen a guy with earbuds on attached to an iPhone or iPod, or a girl rapidly texting on her smartphone. Our modern world relies on technology and has been an integral part of our life and we embrace the benefits of it. People of today are immersed in technological advancements that provide non-stop communication and instant gratification, whether it’s through a phone, tablet, laptop. But is technology a good thing? “Ray Bradbury imagines the future. Often his vision is dark and foreboding, suggesting that our continued reliance on technology may be our undoing.” I consider Ray Bradbury’s opinion and believe that technology is dreadful and will affect humans and the world in many ways. In the story, he had created a nursery where it became more important than the kids than their family proving that it could take over our precious lives. Though many people think technology is the future of the world, I am on the side where Ray Bradbury’s vision of the future is true and agree that an increasing reliance on technology will lead to disaster for human beings and human relationships. I believe that technology has negatively influenced humans because it isolates us from reality and hinders the interaction and communication with other people.

Ray Bradbury conveyed that in “The Veldt,” technology can cause major conflicts and can dismantle a family. The kids refused to let George shut down the nursery. This led to an argument with Peter, and he ended up saying to his

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