Technology In Homicide Investigation: A Case Study

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Currently, technology has proven to helpful tool in criminal investigation. This report analyses and discuss recent research on how ICT(Technology) helps in homicide investigation. A case study will portray how the use of evolving technology has helped in homicide investigation. The discussion focuses on influence of some of the main technology used and its setbacks in modern day investigations; Tools like Fingerprinting, Digital evidence, DNA analysis, 3D reconstructions are examined and outlined in the report on their effectiveness and setbacks.
Technology has revolutionized police and law enforcement practices in the world. Technology plays an important role in helping to solve crimes all around the world, as the
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Tools like Developing powder can be used to develop a print from a surface or item the perpetrator/s used, fingerprint cameras, fingerprint cards, ink pad etc. Fingerprinting is one of the most efficient way of narrowing down a perpetrator because of their uniqueness, its significant can’t be undervalued, because they can show the offenders involvement in the homicide committed by linking both the criminal to the victim. According to Bennett, W. and Hess, K., (2006 pp.128-138)” One benefit of electronic fingerprinting system is their increased speed and accuracy. Another major benefit of this technology is the ability to transmit the print image over telephone or cable lines from one Automated Fingerprint Identification System to another or to computerized criminal records centres”. This can be very helpful to the investigation if the offender moved to another city or…show more content…
The reconstruction was based on the entrance wound and location of bullet, from the technological facts and calculations of bullet trajectory and position of victim it came into a conclusion that the offender must have been in an upright position when he fired the gun. This approach of 3D documentation of the deceased in a homicide investigation has been proven significantly for various reasons; e.g. medical findings can be analysed, allows for information to be delivered regarding events of incident, and lastly, the offenders/suspects testimony or statements can be proven right or wrong in the reconstruction.
Disadvantages of technology used:
Although technology has done more better than the bad for homicide investigation there has been issues with the way the evidence can be manipulated and affect the course of investigations. This is one of the major setbacks. As the technology advances in fighting crime, new problems and issues arise.
Digital evidence like digital imaging brought up several issues when it comes to court admissibility, this is because of the image manipulation software like photoshop, tools like this can change how we perceive the photos/images, and people with the familiarity of these photo manipulation change the evidence and interfere with the outcomes of an
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