Technology 's Effects On The Future Job Market

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Sean O’Leary
March 29, 2017
English 12
Mr. Schneider

Technology’s effects on the future job market

Technologic advancements has become a very controversial topic as lots of people are worried to lose their jobs to robots in the future. There are also people that are optimistic about how these technological advancements can help citizens in their daily lives. A growing trend in the world has been the constant revelations in technology that has shaped the society we live in today. There have been many people who complain about the problems that plague the world and very few are willing to make a change in the world. Technology can be the solution or the problem for making the world a better place.
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There are also statistics that back up the claim about why people are worried about robots stealing humans jobs. In the graph shown on Linkedin are stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it shows a major increase in unemployment for nonfarm jobs from July 2013 to July 2015.
Another aspect of life in society that can be affected by technological advancement is how education will change to teach students new skills that can help them succeed in the future. In 2012 Mr Thrun founded an online-education startup called Udacity, and Mr Ng co-founded another. They had some comments on how the educational system as well the job market will be affected by new technology. Mr Thrun who’s says he founded Udacity as an “antidote to the ongoing AI revolution” (Re-educating Rita), which will require workers to acquire new skills throughout their careers. Similarly, Mr Ng thinks that given the potential impact of their work on the labour market, AI researchers “have an ethical responsibility to step up and address the problems we cause”; Coursera, he says, is his contribution. Moreover, AI technology has great potential in education. A big topic to consider as well is how technological advancement will affect production and the economy. A good example on how technology can help productivity is the steel industry over the past decades. “The US steel industry really stands out: over the period 1972-2002, it witnessed impressive productivity growth – 28%

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