Teen Pregnancies : Children And Teens About Sex

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Ginger Rogers
Professor Rivers
ECN 1101
24 November 2015

Teen Pregnancies
Many parent today are afraid to talk with their children and teens about sex and the importance of safe sex. With teen pregnancy dropping it is important for teen to know about safe sex, prevention of pregnancy and what options they have if they become pregnant. Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that “in 2013 there was a total of 273,105 babies born to teens ages 15-19 but this is a drop of 10% from 2012” (Reproductive) It is very important for parents to get involved with their teens both girls and boys, and talk to them about sex, relationships and prevention; even though, many parents are relying on our school systems, doctors, nurses and other resources, to teach our children about these topics. “Parents that get involved in their teens lives, and talk with their teens about sex, relationships, contraceptives, and child birth are having sex at a later age, more likely to use contraceptives and have sex less often.” (Parent) Sex Education is taught in middle and high school today, and in many places of the world as young as age 4 and about sexuality. Most sex education classes taught today do not cover contraceptive and are mainly abstinence-only-till-marriage programs. “89% of Americans believe that contraception should be taught in sex education,” (Effective Sex) as no abstinence-only-till-marriage programs have shown proof that they help to prevent teens having sex.
“Yet the

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