Teenage Dad Symbolism

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A Teen Dad from The First Part Last What are some of the symbols shown it the story, that prove that Bobby comes of age? While there are many facts that argue all sides of this topic, I argue the fact that Bobby does come of age and that there are many symbols that help represent that statement. Bobby is a 16 year old boy that became a teen dad that experiences some difficult situations in life, and still makes a responsible decision to leave with his baby girl Feather to a place called heaven where his brother Paul lives with his family. Three symbols used to represent that idea are the red balloon, the wall,and the baby carrier, all explaining how Bobby changes himself to be more responsible and a better father figure for his child. …show more content…

Bobby said "Finally it's just me and the thing in the baby carrier who doesn't have a face for a Long time...the carrier sails through the painting, following the ghost boy." (Johnson Pg 60) the thing in the baby carrier is Feather but Bobby can't find a face for her, he can't figure out the identity of the baby and ghost boy, he doesn't know who he is or what his purpose is in life but he does know that he will still have the baby with him the whole way. The baby Carrier is a symbol of the responsibilities, destress, joy,fear,pain,adventures to come, and absolute independence from all other advisable adult figures. Bobby has to be the adult in his daughters life. He shows these responsibilities when he chooses to move to heaven, away from city life and bad memories in order to make a better more successful life for him and

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