Teenage Depression And Depression

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Day after day, more teenagers in the United States are being claimed by death due to depression and suicide. Depression rates are higher than ever; teenagers are spending more time worrying about their schoolwork than they are being productive in their studies. With college looming over all young minds, teenagers often turn to alternate options for release rather than dealing with the problem at hand. The demands of school work lead teenagers to become depressed and this disables them from obtaining their highest levels of success. The United States is falling behind other countries in the education field. Currently, the insufficient levels of depression among teenagers inhibits their growth in learning and leads the United States to be weak in education. For instance, 55% of students in China are considered to be top world performers, while only 9% of American students are top world performers (Ryan 2). This notable issue is one of the major reasons why the United States is incapable of keeping up with other top nations, yet again, leading to more depression in the younger generations who are competing with citizens of foreign countries for jobs and opportunities in the world.
With this in mind, we have developed a new system to help relieve school-related stress and depression and contribute to national success. There is a fine line between stress being an inhibitor and stress being a motivational tool. The United States is unable to comprehend this concept and

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