Teenage Pregnancy Is A Major Concern Today 's Society

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Teenage pregnancy is a major concern in today’s society; there are many factors in a teen’s life that can cause pregnancy. In addition, multiple challenges and hardships will come with teenage pregnancy not only for the female, but also for the male. Being a parent is very demanding and can be hard. The difficulties that come with an unplanned teenage pregnancy can have profound effects on their life. Their physical, mental, and emotional health will be affected by the sudden news that they will be responsible for taking care of a child in the upcoming months. Teens affected by an unplanned pregnancy will need to give up many things in order to become a parent. In addition, they will have to take on more responsibilities that come along …show more content…

Of the 273 adolescents studied, 15% had experienced sexual intercourse and/or oral sex. They were asked about their sexual behavior, puberty, academic achievement, self-esteem, depression, family structure and relationship, and exposure to sexuality through media. Both male, which were further into their puberty, and female before the age of 15 spent more time watching television, had low self-esteem, and had poor relationships with their parents. This study showed that the media and parents played a big role in influencing sexual behavior in adolescents (Savage, 2008). Teenagers go through many physical, mental, emotional, and social changes. In an article in Medline Plus, the biggest change during a teenager’s life is puberty, the process of becoming sexually mature. Puberty usually occurs between the ages of ten and fourteen for females and ages twelve and sixteen for males (Medline Plus, 2015). The American Pregnancy Association states, puberty is triggered when the pituitary gland , a pea-sized gland near the brain, signals the body to release hormones that stimulates the growth and development of reproductive organs as well as other changes throughout the body (American Pregnancy Association). According to The Department of Public Health and Social Services, as youth enter puberty, defining their own sexual identity is at the forefront of normal

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