Teenage Sexual Encounters in the Short Story, Lust, by Janet Ellerby

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The short story “Lust” is told from the point of view of a high school girl as she describes her sexual encounters. The beginning of the story is told by a girl that is nonchalant about her sexual encounters and that is emotionally unattached throughout these encounters. Throughout the story, the girl changes and becomes more emotional about her encounters and how they leave her feeling. Susan Minot shows the changing psychological and negative effects that sex has on a high school girl and how she feels about these sexual encounters. In the critical essay “Lust,” Janet Ellerby summarizes and analyzes the short story “Lust.” Janet Ellerby describes the author’s theme for the short story. The narrator of the story is “unprepared to face the …show more content…

The narrator feels emotionally unattached when she tells of her encounters, and she was willing to do things for boys that did not care about her. None of her partners mentioned that they loved her, and as Ellerby describes, the narrator would most likely find it hard to believe if they had said they loved her. The narrator talks with nonchalance about her encounters, and keeps an emotional distance. Through these encounters the narrator has a mindset that she has to deliver something if she goes with a boy. To her, it does not seem like a big deal to have sex with these boys and to not open her heart to them. To the narrator, there is not a connection between the heart and having sexual encounters with many partners. During this time, the younger generation is much different than the older generation. Ellerby states that the older generation would be surprised at what the younger generation takes part in. The girls of this time have the psychological mindset that they have to deliver something to the men they are with. The narrator is like all the others, and believes this stigma. She feels that no matter how she feels she has to deliver something to someone. Her psychological view is that of everyone else during this time. Throughout the story the narrator starts to think of the differences that sex has on the emotions of men and women. She starts to feel that it is

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