Teens Making a Cause for Rebellion Essay

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When you choose to classify teenagers in the 1950’s, whether by class or gender, each groups are different than one another but some individuals have the same struggle that can make them similar to each other. Each group, no matter how dissimilar they were in backgrounds and behavior, each contained the same struggle that they had to deal within that time. In the film Rebel Without a Cause, we are exposed to three different teens who each had a different struggle they were dealing with that unified them to one another. In the beginning of the movie we get an idea of how teens were portrayed in the time period as rebellious and troublesome. As the story line continues we are taken from the portrayal that the teens were given and go into …show more content…

Plato befriends Jim and warns him of the danger while Jim is torn between what to do about the run. He decides to go through with the run and during the event Judy’s boyfriend, who is the one that challenged Jim to the run, got in the car because of his jacket and ended up dying in the event. This event plus the treatment the teens receive at home make them runaway to an abandoned mansion where Buzz’s, Judy’s boyfriend, friends follow them and try to hurt the teens. Plato goes into a fit and ends up shooting one of the boys and runs to the planetarium observatory where the police follow him. Jim goes in to help Plato relax so he will not get into further trouble but then Plato ends up throwing another fit leaving the building and in turn gets shot and killed. The movie perceives teenagers of the 50’s as confused and uncertain of the society they grow up in. The beginning of the 1900s was when people thought of teens as problems and that adolescence had become a troubled time in a young person’s life. It was also in the 1920’s when girls started to become more sexualized in the way they dressed and acted and heterosocial relations became more popular. These new views and acts followed the new teens into the 1950’s and made for and a new The teens in the film show adaption to cultural changes from the early 1900’s such as the way the girls

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