Tellico Dam Case Study

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(1.) The ride sharing service, Uber, is a successful and disruptive service in the car service industry; however, the business model creates a dynamic situation for individual Uber drivers. According to Bales and Woo (2017), Uber drivers are independent contractors who do not receive the same benefits as taxi drivers, including protection from individual liability. While debate exists between the drivers and Uber over the employee or contractor classification, Uber asserts that the legal obligations fall upon drivers due to the freedom associated with drivers’ work hours. Due to the risks of liability from vehicle incidents, Akalp (2015) recommends that Uber drivers set up a limited liability corporation in order to protect drivers from losing personal assets in the event of being sued in contractual disputes. In addition, Akalp (2015) recommends that an S Corporation tax status provides a more convenient …show more content…

Perhaps a plan to preserve the habitat through the creation of a spillway to allow moving water for the snail darters was needed in order for the construction of the dam. Nevertheless, an important concept is gained from the Tellico Dam case, which is the paradigm between business, government, and society. For example, Plater (2013) describes the media coverage surrounding the Tellico Dam case as an important factor in the outcome. The media focused on the impact to the snail darter and neglected the impact to the local community in the event the dam was not completed. However, the main failure lay at the feet of the TVA because the organization failed to address the concerns of society. TVA should have consulted with the community and environmentalists about the impacts of the dam’s construction, thus creating a dialog with the community and providing realistic strategies to mitigate risks and improve public

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