Temple Grandin Reflection

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The inspiring 2010 movie of Temple Grandin directed by Mick Jackson is about a woman who struggled with autism since a young age. The movie brings to light how overwhelming and frustrating it is to be going through autism. Temple is a bright child; however, she does not speak until the age of four and she does not enjoy interactions with other children of her age. Temple struggles in school, one reason is that she has trouble reading the emotions and dialect of those around her. She starts excelling after she spends her summer with her Aunt and Uncle at their farm. Temple finds out that she is amazing at helping with the cows on the farm. She connects her mind with those of a cow and she goes through the railing that the cows would go through to be moved. She decides that if she does not get scared while walking through the railing, then neither would the cows. She goes on to college and with her love and knowledge of cows, she gets a Ph.D. and graduates as an expert in the field of animal husbandry. Her college experience is not easy though. She gets in trouble for having her “hug machine” in her dorm. When asked why she needs the machine she explains that, “I've always wanted to understand the gentleness that other people feel by being hugged by their mothers. And now I've made a machine that lets me do that. It feels like a wire gets reconnected. Like something gets repaired (Quotes).” In order to keep her machine, she does an experiment and collects data showing that
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