Tension In The Basketball Room

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Description: The room is dim and any person that walks into the room can feel all the tension in the room. Everyone is looking at their shoes it seems like no one is breathing and not a single word can be heard. The room is filled with all the girls that wanted to play basketball my junior year and I just feel very uncomfortable in the room. I felt like everybody’s eyes were just staring at me and I just wanted to run away, but I knew that was not the right choice to make. Mr. Crowther, Mrs. Guerrero, and Maria all walked in because they wanted to solve the issue that was going on because it was like I lost my best friends to an issue that really seemed hurt me. Mr. Crowther started speaking about the issue with the whole basketball coach problem going on when he started talking about it I just felt the tears coming and I knew that I shouldn’t cry, but I two tears rolled down my cheeks and I made sure nobody saw me. Some girls in the room talked about how they didn’t why we are here and it is not a big girl. …show more content…

Until one day Samantha talked to me about what was going on. She said, “ I don’t care about the basketball drama going on. You are still my friend and I will always talk to you no matter what. Love you Liza.” When she told me that I felt somewhat happy that my body felt some tension go away because I thought she really hated me. The same day there was a meeting with Mr. Crowther, Mercedes, Taileigh, and myself. The reason the meeting was happening because an issue still was not solved and just tension between us all. After everything was solved we all went back to be friends, but maybe not the closest of friends how we were. We would smile at each other, take pictures together, hangout, and talk to each other like friends do. Everything did not seem the same though and it probably will never

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