Terri Schiavo Case Summary

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Compare the situations surrounding Diane and Debbie in terms of the physicians’ actions and morality surrounding those actions leading to their deaths. How are the cases similar? How are they different? What was the situation surrounding Terri Schiavo? How does her situation compare to the Diane and Debbie cases? What are the major ethical issues involved in each of these three cases? How are their cases similar? What are the ethically relevant, salient differences between them? What do you personally take away as the “moral of the story” for these three cases?
With Debbie the physician assumed he knew what the patient was asking him when she made the statement, “let’s get this over with”. He thought or so we think, that she was asking for …show more content…

They both used active euthanasia for these patients by doing something that was a direct result of death for the patient.
Differences again are in that Diane’s provider knew exactly what she was asking and in Debbie’s situation it could interpreted differently. Diane is situation was voluntary active euthanasia and Debbie’s could be interpreted as voluntary or involuntary active euthanasia.
In the Schiavo case she had a cardiac arrest, triggered by extreme hypokalemia brought on by an eating disorder, this ended up causing her to be in a PVS. She had no say in her care or her dying. Unable to speak and leaving no written orders or thoughts on how she would want to deal with a situation like this it was left up to the family. Eventually it was decided to stop her tube feedings and hydration. Her case would be considered involuntary active euthanasia also but was a much larger deal going through the courts and having a law named after her.
Ethical dilemmas for all three cases are is it murder by assisting these three patients no longer suffer. Would there be pain and suffering involved directly by their actions? Are they doing the right thing by helping these people

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