Terrorism And Terrorism Essay

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Radicalization is a process of socialization to extremism. Radicalization processes is what lead to acts of terrorism. It thrives in an enabling environment with a sediments of injustice, exclusion and humiliation among the terrorists groups. Triggering factors varying in accordance to individual experience and personal pathways to radicalization, it is due to global, sociological and political drivers such as extreme marginalization, general decline or globalization. Hence, to analyze the drivers of radicalization, we need to understand the collective grievances behind radicalism by making comparisons of primary causes of radicalization which will ultimately lead to terrorism in different terrorists groups like ISIS and LTTE, will allow us to decide if whether terrorism is primarily due to globalization.
Terrorism is primarily due to globalization. Due to globalization, there was a widespread of dissatisfaction, due to the very rapid changes in society, and the Western supremacy. Breeding grounds for radicalism and terrorist recruitment emerge not because of deprivation, but rather the time at which negative social, economic and political trends converge. Especially in the Arab world, relative deprivation, the absence of opportunities relative to growing aspirations and expectations. Information technology provides an interconnected nature of the world and globalization create an acute awareness about opportunities available elsewhere. Allowing more to be more conscious

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