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Tyler Groh 11/28/2016 Reading Ms. Benton Text Dependent Question Who is Charlie Gordon? Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old that has a disability. He is an adult but his mind and how he acts is like he is a child still. He shows that he wants to get smart and want to develop in his life. He doesn 't have the common sense to know when his own friends pick on because of his disability. Charlie wants to fit in and not be left out just because he 's not smart and he cant do anything. It is clearly stated on page 190 line 4-6. Author Daniel Keyes. Charlie is a very nice person it 's just that he doesn 't know better or doesn 't think the right way. Charlie wants to actually learn and have the same mind set as people here today. He doesn 't want to be known as dumb he wants to be known as a well work hard person and super smart. This is why Charlie goes and gets help. Charlie is like scared and doesn 't think he is smart. He takes tests here and there to see if he gets smarter. He takes this test with a very young man. He spilled ink on these blank notecards. Charlie thought to himself whenever I spill ink and I fail tests. The young man held up the card and he said "Charlie what is this?" Charlie simply said "inkblot." This is stated on page 190 and lines 7-10. Author Daniel Keyes. Charlie gets really nervous when it comes to a big question or a big test. He has this rabbit foot to give him good luck on those tests. Later in that day he had to take another big test. The other

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