How Does Texting And Driving Affect Society

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As time advances, so does technology. Advances in technology reveal a variety of problems throughout lives all around the world. Texting and driving is at an all time high, and although society welcomes a technology-centered future, it inevitably endures repercussions as well. The use of cell phones while driving has been studied persistently throughout the past couple of years at universities across the United States. Statistics show that texting and driving has an excessively negative impact within various aspects of our society including the main aspect: safety.
It is time to change society’s view on texting and driving because studies show that it is one of the most dangerous activities one can possibly do while operating a motorized …show more content…

Looking down at a cell phone for that amount of time while driving “has resulted in nearly 1.6 million accidents annually around the United States” (Jackson). Risking the lives of other innocent drivers by texting and driving shows selfishness and should result in punishment. Simply waiting until an individual reaches a destination, or even just waiting until stopped at a red light to send a text would drastically increase the safety of everyone on the road. Texting and driving may result in possible injuries, or even fatalities while operating an automobile.
Establishing laws concerning texting and driving would substantially decrease the odds of a collision due to texting and driving. In 32 states across the United States (in addition to Washington D.C), cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle was completely outlawed in 2012 (Edgin). In correspondence, Washington D.C., along with 39 states completely outlawed all novice drivers from the use of all handheld devices while operating a motor vehicle of any kind (Jackson). Whereas theses laws prevent a small percentage of individuals from texting and driving, there is still a large number of drivers that ignore the laws and continue to perform the ruthless act. Making these laws more strict would discourage drivers from texting and driving because when the punishments intensify, more people will begin

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