The 1941 Film, Citizen Kane,

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History has rendered a variety of timeless art. The works have included multiple genres, such as paintings, music, theatre, and photography. Each of the aforementioned genres have attributed to an additional ageless art form. Film may be identified as an art form that combines multiple genres to produce classic work. This is specifically revealed by an Orson Welles movie. The 1941 film, Citizen Kane, may be considered a classic based on extensive research. Throughout history, the film is repeatedly rated as one of the greatest films ever produced. Various elements such as storytelling and technique have contributed to the recognition and acclaim attained by the film. During the era in which the film was produced, Citizen Kane revolutionized film making and remains relevant today. Despite the initial response to the film, Citizen Kane is a definite classic.
Two primary themes within the film contribute to the recognition and acclaim generated by Citizen Kane. The themes are buried beneath the visual muddle of the film itself. First, the theme regarding the disparagement of the private disposition of the municipal figure contribute to the esteem of the film. (Carringer) Next, the theme regarding the overwhelming force of materialism may be identified as a defining factor of the film, Citizen Kane. Viewed in unison, the themes encompass the poignant irony of the triumphant success of an American. The tale takes a drastic turn and winds up revealing the demise, lonesomeness,

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