The 19th State to Join the Union: Indiana

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Going into the 17th century, many territories started to join the United States of America. Indiana was the 19th state to be admitted into the union on December 11, 1816 and still exists today. The French first discovered Indiana in 1679, but later was taken over by George Rogers Clark who led the American army in the Revolutionary War. Indiana became a very agricultural state majoring in growing corn. With its ample history, Indiana has transformed from a dull state to a thriving state in the Mid-West.
Indiana is located in the Mid-West, east of Illinois and west of Ohio. As of 2012, the population of Indiana is 6.537 million people. The motto of Indiana is “The Crossroads of America” because many major interstate highways cross through the state. This opens up travel for many residents of Indiana. Originally, the state flower was the Zinnia flower, but it changed in 1957 due to complaints by farmers and for commercial reasons. The state flower is now the “Peony” which was adopted by the Indiana General Assembly. Indiana was admitted into the union on December 11, 1816 when James Madison signed the act of congress to allow them to become apart of the union.
Indiana’s major city is Indianapolis, which also happens to be its capitol. Indianapolis is the capitol because it is very close to the center of the state and congress wanted to take advantage of people migrating to the west. It was originally apart of the Marion County. Indianapolis grew slowly starting with a

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