Abolishment Of Slavery Research Paper

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Since the abolishment of slavery in the enactment of the 13th Amendment which says slavery is abolished except for in the punishment of a crime. In 1884, the convict leasing takes place. The Convict leasing is renting or leasing of prisoners to private business owners or company for their labor. Debt Peonage during 1870 is paying off a debt through labor when the debtor lacks sufficient cash or other assets. This way of paying debt is not to isolate and was seen throughout the whole country. The abolishment of slavery is the cause of the enactment of convict leasing and peonage.
After the Civil War of 1861 to 1865, finding labor became difficult for land owners. Landowners find that convicts from the state penitentiary were the answer to their …show more content…

The problem with debt peonage is paying backing the loan owed is very difficult and may take many years. The amount of work laborer do, they get pay cents or more for their loans. The landowner is the one that determined how many workers get pay for the work they are doing. African Americans were accused of owning money or loan even it was factual or not. No one would believe them because they have less respect in society. As we learned in class from the video “Slavery by Another name”. In her new book “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”, Michelle Alexander talks about convict leasing camps being in many ways worse than slavery (page 21). She explains the new way African American are enslaved by the system. They being enslave by the use of drugs especially crack. White supremacy is the main goal, for the white race to be the superior race than any other races. Incarcerating African American has been ongoing problems. The new enslavement is through racism which the after effect of the Civil War. The New Jim Crow is about how the black code created a separation between races. The black code is intended to establish systems of peonage and to create another system of forced labor (28). Race bribery separated poor white from black slaves by treating or give special privilege to the poor whites and by making poor whites made them slave patrols and militias. The bribery was psychological, that why racism still exists in today modern

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