The Abuse Of Steroids Is Synthetic Materials Of The Male Sex Chromosome, Testosterone

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Christiana Richardson Moe 1st Period AP Lang 11 November, 2015 The Abuse of Steroids Steroids are synthetic materials of the male sex chromosome, testosterone, that lead to addiction, mental abuse and physical harm. They are banned by many sports leagues, but some athletes do not take that into consideration. Many athletes use steroids illegally, for a multiple of reasons. Athletes use steroids in order to gain better physical body shape and game play. In reality they are only cheating the game and themselves, slowly breaking their bodies down. The steroid use has greatly increased from the past. An M.D named Dan Gwartney announces, “Currently, body builders are using much higher doses of anabolic steroids…” and “…body builders do not go ‘off-cycle’ at all.”(Gwartney), which adds even more risk to the human body because of the higher and more frequent use rate. Our bodies are not made to take in that much extra testosterone, but the increased want of money in America has now taken over a multiple of people to choose the looks and money over their own personal health. There are different types of steroids, all having negative effects, but the most commonly used and known steroid is an anabolic androgenic steroid. The effects of steroids vary from a man to a woman. For example, men begin to have the reduction of sperm, damage to the heart and the liver, pain while urinating, breast development, and a reduction to their testicles. Women begin to lose their breast, grow

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