Analyzing Richard Rodriguez's 'The Achievement Of Desire'

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Cristal Bowman
Shannon Calder
Interdisciplinary Research and Writing
September 22nd, 2015
The Achievement of Desire When reading this autobiography it reminded me of my adolescent years; I remember feeling like I knew all there was to being a grown up, I also felt like my parents didn’t know much because they didn’t go to college. I strongly feel like they could have always done more than they were doing. Upon reading this, I felt as though I was reading Richard Rodriguez’s journal and he was a very unhappy kid living in the ghetto. He was also embarrassed of his own life and he seemed unhappy in his own skin... “(Ways of reading pg.339) A primary reason for my success in the classroom was that I couldn’t forget that success was changing me and separating me from the life I enjoyed before becoming a student”.
I can relate to what Rodriguez was feeling; school has changed me I have a different perspective on life than I did before. I no longer want to just hang out with friends like I use to, I honestly rather be at home with my own family. I have also made it my life goal to change who I am for the better; I have been around lots of people and I’ve been able to see different takes on life at all types of angles. I want to create a better angle for my family; I’m working hard in school to be able to provide this life that I can only dream of right now.
Furthermore, I found some interesting information on the way a student’s outlook on life can change… “Intellectual and
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