The Act Short Story

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The short story “The Act” by Adam Haslett is a synopsis of the protagonist’s life from when he is going off to college to when he dies. The story starts off with the man and his distant father dropping him off at the protagonist’s dorm. When at the dorm his father asks his son to not take a corporate job and to do something more meaningful with his degree. Then the story fast forwards to the protagonist graduating, going to law school, getting married, working a corporate job and having a child. Then the protagonist finds out his father is sick and visits him in the hospital. The protagonist has never told his dad of his job and feels that he should finally tell him the truth. Knowing that his dad will be disappointed he gains the courage to tell him. The protagonists’ father then passes away the next day. The story goes on with the protaginst’s son Gabriel growing up, going to college and then becoming a political campaigner. The protagonist is fond of running and goes on a trip to Hawaii with his family to run a marathon. While on a jog with Gabriel the protagonist begins to go into cardiac arrest and is laying on the ground waiting to die with his son is by his side. The central idea is that a person should not keep secrets will hinder a relationship.
Relationships to be healthy need to be built on honesty. Especially when that relationship is with your parents. By keeping a secret and not being truly honest with ones parents it can cause a strain in their relationship.
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