Essay on The Act of Search and Seizure in the United States

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Law enforcement officers are known to “hunt for property or communications believed to be evidence of crime, and the act of taking possession of this property,” also known as conducting a search and seizure. It is a necessary exercise in the ongoing pursuit of criminals. Search and seizures are used to produce evidence for the prosecution of alleged criminals. Protecting citizens from arbitrary searches, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is our right to limit and deny any unreasonable search and seizure. More often than not, police officers tend to take advantage of their authority by the use of coercion. Although it is unlawful, most citizens do not know what police officers can and cannot do in respect of their human rights. …show more content…

(Nolo)” Several police officers tend to abuse their authority to attain evidence out of their reach. They often abuse their power because they know that the average citizen does not know their rights. Consent is a huge factor when it comes to determining if a search is lawful or not. The trial case of Arizona vs. Evans also determined that “the rule is not triggered when courthouse errors lead police officers to mistakenly believe that they have a valid search warrant, because excluding the evidence would not deter police officers from violating the law in the future. (Greenhalgh)”
Exigent circumstances is an exception that applies when there is danger in the vicinity of the public and the officer. Exigent circumstances are “[a]n exception to the general prohibition on a warrantless arrest or search…occurs when police officers believe they have probable cause and there is no time to obtain a warrant. (Nolo)” If a police officer is chasing a suspect then they are in hot pursuit. Hot pursuit, danger of threat, and or probable cause are forms of exigent circumstances. Hot pursuit is the urgent pursuit of a criminal suspect. Any delay of the pursuit would endanger their lives or the lives of others and lead to the escape of the alleged

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