The Acts Of The Christian Movement Essay

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The story of the Acts details the growth of the Christian movement from a small group of dedicated followers into a multi-ethnic, international movement. As quoted by The Bible Project, “[Acts] is a story about Jesus leading his people by the spirit to go out into the world and invite all nations to live under his reign” (Mackie "Acts Ch. 1-12."). Traditionally this book has been called the Acts of the Apostles because it describes the apostles’ deeds in spreading Jesus’ message. As Paul and Peter journey through the ancient world they bring with them the word of God. Sinners, gentiles, and persecutors alike are invited to join the movement and seek salvation. In Acts, Luke details the growth of the Christian movement and attributes that growth to the power of Jesus and his message of welcome which invites an ethnically and geographically diverse followership.
The story begins in Jerusalem where the risen Jesus Christ describes God’s kingdom to his disciples and instructs them to carry the message of His kingdom to the ends of the earth. The disciples begin during the Festival of the Pentacost at which Jewish pilgrims from all over the ancient world have gathered. Thousands of these pilgrims receive God’s message and accept his calling to create communities of generosity and worship. Before the disciples leave Jerusalem, they are preaching to a mostly Jewish crowd. As such, their persuasive methods are generally geared to the Jewish tradition. First, the disciples claim

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