The Addiction Of Cell Phones Essay

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The Addiction of Cell Phones A bus driver, who was responsible for transportation of children from school to home, pulled out his phone and began texting. Soon after, the driver swerved the school bus and entered into another lane crashing into another bus and toppled over, killing two children and one adult (Murdock). Phone addiction is a new addiction associated with the use of cell phones and using it for many hours. In recent times, the falling prices of mobile phones have led to the affordability of the devices with more people owning a mobile phone, especially smartphones. Studies continue to establish whether phone addiction affects people, how it affects them and the different ways it affects different genders and ages. An international poll of 5,000 Britons, Americans, Chinese, South Koreans, South Africans, Indians, Brazilians, and Indonesians found that most people spent hours on their smartphones (Gilbert). 84% respondents revealed that it is impossible for them to spend a day without their smartphones, with 50% sleeping with their phones next to them like a teddy bear (Gilbert). Over 20% check their smart phones every ten minutes, with 24% using it to set up rendezvous meetings with those they were having affairs with (Gilbert). From these statistics, it is becoming apparent that increase in reliance of cell phones is rising signaling the evolution of usage of phones from a habit to that of addiction. It is important to examine the addiction that is sweeping

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