The Advancements Of The Aztec And Incan Civilizations

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The Inca were the greatest ancient civilization due to their advances in agriculture, achievement in math, astronomy and their extraordinary architecture along with many other notable accomplishments. While many people believe the Aztec and Mayan civilizations to be the greatest, the Incan made the most advancements in accordance to their geography and materials. This dynastic civilization had an approximate population of four to fourteen million people in their estimated one hundred and thirty-three years of existence (McEwan 1).
The Incan settled in a long strip of land in South America from the North to the South that faces the Pacific Ocean. The geography in this region varies tremendously, from the Andes mountains, the jungles, and deserts. The geography features the Incans used was the Andes mountains, they built their homes high up in the mountain tops as well as used the mountains as protection and for growing food. Another thing the mountains featured in abundance was minerals such as silver, copper, emeralds and many others. The geographical features of their settlement provided excellent natural barriers from invaders.
The Inca civilization had very strong, unique religious beliefs. There were two main gods the Incas worshipped, Inti the sun god and Mama Quilla the moon goddess. Consequently, they were also extraordinary astronomers and were some of the first people to ever make scientific observations. These two gods/goddess were actually believed to have been

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