The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Autonomous/Driverless Vehicle

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The use of computers, internet and robots are some of the examples of technologies used today. The compilation of techniques, skills or methods to carry out a certain task or use in the manufacture of certain good and services is what is known as technology. The introduction of technology has helped in making work easier and faster thus making life easier. However, technology has both advantages and disadvantages but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (Restivo, 2008). Technologies used in autonomous/driverless vehicles According to Wadhwa (2017), the driverless vehicle's technology has progressed faster over the years. There are various technologies that enhance the performance of these cars. We have the lidar, which is a rotating …show more content…

The rate of accidents on the roads will reduce and this is one of the advantages. This is because most of the accidents on the roads are usually caused by drivers and the computer will help do away with those human errors. This, in turn, leads to faster traffic as few traffic offenses decrease the traffic on the roads. These cars would be of advantage to the disabled people who rely on assistance from others or even public transport to be able to move around. They will also increase productivity as one will be able to multi-task as they need little attention. The disadvantages of these cars are, these cars will be too costly and not everyone will be able to afford them. This is because these vehicles need a lot of software’s which are costly for them to function. Learning the new technology might be a problem to some people due to lack of time and this is a disadvantage. People might also forget to drive cars once they have gotten used to the new technology. The sensors might also fail due to unavoidable/ unexpected circumstances. For instance, harsh weather conditions may lead to failure of the sensors (Wadhwa,

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