The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sliding French Doors

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French doors have often been used as an elegant space saver for people who are looking to open up their houses to welcome more light into their homes. Sliding French doors can do more than that, they can help homeowners save energy whilst they make your home more fashionable and inviting. In order to understand what external sliding French doors are and what they can do, we need to break down exactly what they are. Let's start with the French door aspect of it.

French doors like French windows are light installations mainly constructed using small mullioned glass panes mounted in a frame. There are basically two categories of French doors: indoor and external doors. The difference between the two is in functionality and the opening and closing …show more content…

Most of the time the shattered glass will stay in position like the windscreen of a car making it less dangerous.

Laminated glass is essentially glass sandwiched between a plastic film that holds individual pieces of glads in place in case the glass breaks.

Glazing does more than toughen the glass double glazing actually increases the glass' ability to deaden sound.

Advantages and disadvantages of uPVC French doors

Most people choose Double-glazed uPVC French doors because they are more cost effective or rather much cheaper than their aluminium or wood counterparts. There are other advantages to choosing uPVC French doors over other types:

- They are great insulators which means that they can be used to keep heat inside the house in winter or heat coming in during summer. This could translate into energy savings.

- uPVC requires little maintenance and has a very long life span.

- uPVC has close to 57% salt content which means it can withstand coastal area conditions.

When it comes to drawbacks, there aren't a lot of them except that uPVC might not be suitable for high rise

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