The Advantages Of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is revolting the fight against the barriers of traditional judiciary where people have stopped expecting any kind of disposal of cases and justice. ODR, sometimes referred to as Online ADR, uses the modes and techniques of ADR i.e. arbitration, mediation etc. online to resolve the disputes. With the expanding number of mobile and internet users, it is likely that ODR will be preferred for dispute resolution especially the e-commerce sector. Therefore, the paper focuses on two things. Firstly, to clarify the term ODR and secondly, to identify the advantages for consumers.
Key words: technology, online, dispute resolution, alternative, consumer, benefits, ICT.
Mediation is the quickest developing conflict resolution technique. It speaks to another option to the ‘win-lose’ adjudicative procedures. Mediation likewise offers a specific …show more content…

The parties may use the Internet and web-based technology in a variety of ways. Online Dispute Resolution can be done entirely on the Internet, or “online,: through email, videoconferencing, or both. The parties can also meet in person, or “offline.” Sometimes, combination of “online” and ‘offline” methods are used in Online Dispute Resolution.
In Article 2(6) of UNCITRAL working Group III (Online Dispute Resolution) Note by the Secretariat, ODR is defined as “Online Dispute Resolution is a mechanism for resolving disputes through an IT based platform and facilitated through the use of electronic communications and other information and communications technology.”
The definition appears to be more suitable as it joins all strategies used to determine conflict that are directed on the web through a custom-made online stage. Besides, this methodology is more reliable with the way that ODR expression was made from the calculated qualification with logged off conflict resolution

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