The Adventure of Odysseus

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The adventure of Odysseus
What is an Epic? A long narrative poem about a legendary hero.
• poet • thought to be blind, but describes events as a seeing person • lived around 1200 B.C.E
Ismarus City • From Troy, the ships first made land at Ismarus. • Ismarus – City of Ciconians • Odysseus lost six men from each ship. • Odysseus continued their sailing. • They were overtaken by a storm which drove them for NINE DAYS along the sea till they reached the country of the Lotus-eaters.
Country of the Lotus-eaters • Odysseus sent three of his men to discover who the inhabitants were. • These men were kindly entertained by the Lotus-eaters, and were given some of their own food, the
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• The monster filled the cave with his cry. • He called aloud on all the Cyclops dwelling in the caves around him, far and near. • All Cyclops flocked around the cave and asked him what had happened. • Polyphmus answered them that Noman hurt him. • The Cyclopses answered him since Noman hurt him, then it was a punishment of Zeus. • All Cyclopses left him groaning. • Next morning the Cyclops rolled away the stone to let his flock out to pasture, but planted himself in the door of the cave to feel of all as they went out, that Odysseus and his men should not escape. • But Odysseus harnessed the rams of the flock three tied them together. To the middle ram of the three of three, one Greek hanged himself so protected with the exterior rams on either side. • As they passed, the giant felt of the animals’ back, but never thought of their bellies. • All men passed safe , Odysseus himself being the last one that passed. • Odysseus and his friends released themselves from the rams. • When at a safe distance, Odysseus shouted out that he was Odysseus and he was the reason that the Cyclops lost his eyesight. • The Cyclops, hearing this, seized a rock, exerting all his force, hurled it in the direction of the voice. • The ocean, at the plunge of
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