The Affordable, Least Lethal, Favorable Product : Medical Marijuana, Marijuana Products

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Shyann Hundley Mrs. Myers Eng-4. Per-2. 7 March 2016 The affordable, least lethal, favorable product: Medical Marijuana, Marijuana products The individuals of the world are being denied natural treatment such as cannabis oil, and medical marijuana natural remedies. That can cure/retrain mental, physical, and emotional ailments. Everyday billions of people are diagnosed with a life changing ailment that possess possible treatments, but at a cost. A cancer patient depending on the stage of the cancer can spend nearly hundreds to thousands of dollars on chemo, shots, and radiation to hope for a cure that may be late. “The drug’s manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, will charge $141,000 for the first 12 weeks of treatment and $256,000…show more content…
By legalizing this plant every individual, family, community could be calmed without fearing that death would occur to their loved ones because of the side effects during the treatment process. “This is more than just a theory or hypothesis. There is an insurmountable pile of evidence that cannabis cures/treats cancer (and a multitude of other illnesses) in a large amount of cases, and may even prevent it from coming back. The amount of evidence is daunting, and the science is sound.” (Feinberg) This example provides an insight from Chris Elkins who is a graduate of health communication. In this article instances are given where he provided scientific studies done on the relations between cancer, disease and the effect of marijuana itself and by products. Medical marijuana helps the victim fight off the ailment which is killing their body with no side effects but an increased appetite, and red-eyed appearance. Yet marijuana is barely legal in some states because the rise of this treatment is affordable, natural, and side effects that can harm you aren’t present in this natural remedy. There are other positive aspects of choosing medical marijuana versus other prescribed over the counter drugs, the price. “Interestingly, cannabis has been legalized in Uruguay, where it sells for $1 per gram, which may lead to more
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