The Aftermath Of The Holocaust

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"The unutterable violence of the Holocaust shook our confidence in possibility of telling any story of faith at all" - Timothy Radcliffe states this to show that the world lives in denial of the Holocaust and how much it truly affected the nation and the ability to express belief and opinions. The reason for a horrendous occasion can be investigated by Hitler 's rise to power and through what occurred during the Holocaust itself. Evaluating the aftermath of the Holocaust can show the event 's effects on the whole nation. The Great Depression in the 1930 's hit the whole nation hard. From Germany 's perspective, the economic fall hit them the hardest out of everyone. This economic depression did not help the subtle humiliation they had from losing the war 15 years prior. If anything, this worsened Germany 's state, making them lack self-confidence and become a very weak government. "This gave way for a new leader to arise into power, who everyone knows as Adolf Hitler and his party was the National Socialist German Worker 's Party, or Nazi Party." (Hitler Comes to Power) Hitler had an advantage on Germany and wining them over, the advantage being that the Germans were vulnerable. He was a very powerful speaker and he was compelling to many of the people because he spoke with the desperation for change. Adolf promised the people a new life and a better Germany. The Nazi Party 's rise to power was quick and record breaking. "They would on average win 3% of the vote 8 years

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