The Age Of Enlightenment And The American Government

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The U.S government although created in the late 18th century incorporates ideas about government originating back to the early 11th century. The American Founders were influenced immensely by preceding government philosophy and authoritative documents. The Age of Enlightenment, specifically, was a period of political novelty and innovation leading to vast governmental and societal advancements. The American FOunders were part of the ENlightenment and adapted an abundance of the innovated ideas to formulate our government. Similarly, the principles established in the Magna Carta and English Bill of RIghts are paramount to the formation of the Constitution. Collectively they formulated concepts such as limited governments and challenged many dubious institutions and notions.
When creating the American government the founders looked to many examples of both good and bad government for guidance, learning from the past as well as their own experiences at self government. They were curious about what type of government would work best, so when late 18th century Europe found themselves in a social as well as intellectual revolution the founders were intrigued. The Age of Enlightenment threatened established institutions and authority by advancing the belief in science and reason which led to the study of human nature and questioned the traditional government. The founders begun to follow the admirable philosophers of the era as the created concepts ambivalent to the pre existing

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