The Age of Poster: Pictorial Poster

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The main focus point of Chéret’s poster ‘Folies-Bergere, La Loïe Fuller 1893, (Figure 1) is an American dancer and display capture another classic Chéret woman dancing cabaret culture of passion and emotional abilities examples of Paris . colored lithography Chéret skills let him to express in a variety of silk garments Fuller wore light the lamp shades found in a black background , she seems to spin out of darkness , which is a typical Chéret composition, dancing women at the forefront , the smallest in the background and layout on the top and bottom. usual type considered here is clearly legible from a distance due to the black from the red background of praise , but because it is very less important that the compositions and only used for advertising , sometimes the type spoilts the images Compared to La Loïe Fuller Chéret’s Fleur de lotus of 1893 (Figure 2)is much lighter in feeling and colour pallet. In this work, six ballerinas dance over the page, promoting Armand Silvestre’s ballet et pantomime, Fleur de Lotus. This lighter, airy feeling of ballet is portrayed through these pastel colours and light fades of colour oozing from the background. The typography and main colour pallet are more considered here, and it is clear to see they work well together. However, this image is missing the simplicity of the previous poster and the skill in which Chéret prints La Loi fuller’s dress in movement cannot be overlooked, it is what carries the whole poster with ease. As

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