The Alchemist Short Story

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Conflict is something that humans have dealt within their entire existence. It is always there and always will be. The Alchemist shows that conflict does not have to be a bad thing it can be used to push forward in life and find a treasure that is awaiting everyone to find. The Alchemist is a compelling story of a young shepherd, known as Santiago, who finds a prophecy in a dream of his. While other people usually ignore this calling the lively Shepard decides to follow his personal legend. After meeting with an old man who disguises himself as a homeless hobo and afterward reveals himself as a rich king. Santiago chases after his personal treasure by selling all his sheep and getting money to go to said location of the treasure. Along the way he finds a young boy around his age to show him around and take him to the pyramids of Egypt, who we later find out was actually a thief that stole his money. After getting his money stolen in a foreign place Santiago feels the need to get money and return home to buy sheep and go about his life as it used to be. This leads to Santiago going to the top of a steep hill to find a small town with no customers in any of the shops. He found a crystal shop that looked like it had no business in some time. The shop belonged to a man that was close to his late 30s. The shopkeeper was thinking of closing his shop until a young man (Santiago) walked into his shop asking if he could clean some of the crystals for glass in exchange for a meal.

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