The Alchemist Short Story

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The Alchemist.
The conflict of the story is that the boy, Santiago, had a dream about a treasure hidden in the Pyramids of Egypt,he knew this dream had to mean something, he went to a place called Tarifa, in that place he went with a woman that could interpret dreams, the boy talked about his dream to the woman, the woman tricked the boy and she made him swear that he would give her ten percent of the treasure if he actually found it, the boy swore to do so but the woman didn’t tell him anything he didn’t know.

The boy went outside the woman’s house and sat down in a bench, an old man talked to the boy, they talked for a while and the boy found out that the old man was the King of Salem, the old man talked about how everyone had a destiny to follow and how the whole universe would conspire in favor of anyone trying to follow their destiny.

The boy explained to the old man his dream about a hidden treasure in Egypt, the old man decide to give the boy two stones that would help him follow his destiny.

The boy traveled to Africa and found it hard to communicate with people because the only language spoken in the country was Arabic, while the boy was sitting in a bar, someone spoke to him in Spanish, he thought this was an omen that would help him follow his destiny. The boy trusted the newcomer and the stranger told him that he would be able to help him get to the pyramids, the boy gave the stranger all his money and both of them ran outside, while the boy was distracted,

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