The American Civil War : West Virginia

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West Virginia had a unique journey to statehood considering it was a product of the American Civil War. However, the journey can be traced back as far as 1776 when tension mounted between eastern regions and the western regions of Virginia, where only white males in possession of at least 25 acres of improved land were granted voting rights by the Virginia Constitution ( par. 1). The eastern region of the state was therefore favored by this legal provision and as a result, it led to discontent with the western regions of the state (Sullivan 159). Furthermore, population factors were ignored by the Virginia constitution when deciding the number of delegates from each county. In this regard, the eastern region of the state was favored in terms of representation, regardless of the fact that it was smaller than the west in terms of geographical size (Rice & ‎Stephen 315). Many attempts were made to appease each region of the state in regards to the expansion of voting rights and representation. However it did little in addressing the deep-rooted differences between the two regions of Virginia. These differences coupled with cultural and political differences led to an eventual break up of Virginia, given that the measures put into place did little to satisfy both regions. This paper addresses the political actors and the political divisions that lead to the split and the legacy it left behind.

The Battle of Philippi
The western region of Virginia was one of the…

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