The American Dating Culture

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How to date a brown girl (black girl, white girl, or halfie)
The theme of the story to me represents a glimpse of the American dating culture. It is how young men perceive women in general. The narrator starts off talking about getting his mother to say yes to him staying at home, then begins to tell us his steps on how to get a girl. Diaz gives him the confidence and When Diaz mentions “… a whole crowd will show up at your apartment… it will be fun anyway and you 'll wish these people would come over more often” (Diaz 20) clearly states his motives. If he does not get a physical connection with his date, in the end is all about getting the girl. Diaz focuses a little too much on the physical part of the relationship rather than the emotional part. His advice follows the same thought process. The narrator is filled with arrogance and confidence, yet sounds as if he lacks familiarity within the dating world while he goes on to speak about the different stereotypes he has about women. His language relates more to a younger audience, and you can tell by reading the context clues of when he says “the girl won 't flow over at all and the next day in school she 'll say sorry” (Diaz 22). He speaks in a tone that implies not to be taken literally. I had to read the story multiple times to get a deeper meaning of what the narrator was trying to convey. This story follows common cliques about women.
He leads on to inform you on what way you should act around a certain ethnicity or

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