The American Dream As Defined By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Sweet Dreams (An Analysis of the American Dream as Defined by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Winter Dreams) In Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author describes through a love story the idea of the American Dream. When young Dexter falls in love with Judy Jones, she quickly becomes his dream. However, it will become apparent that Dexter is not Judy’s dream. Although their dreams are very different, this somehow embodies the very idea of the American Dream as a concept that cannot be specifically defined by one specific idea. Fitzgerald is able to portray the idea of this dream without ever giving on specific definition of this dream. In Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, the American Dream is seen to be completely dependent on a person’s confidence, although an extremely fluid idea, an achievable one nonetheless. Within Winter Dreams, Fitzgerald explores the idea that the American Dream is solely reliant on a person’s confidence in their goal and in his or herself. Many believe that the dream is a far away and foreign concept. Not everyone is aware of what their American Dream is. For Dexter however, his dream is determined as quickly as it is seen. “The color and mobility of her mouth gave a continual impression of flux, of intense life, of passionate vitality - balanced only partially by the sad luxury of her eyes.” (Fitzgerald). Judy embodies everything Dexter wishes for. She is excitement and life. For this reason, he will stop at nothing to achieve the

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