The American Dream In A Raisin In The Sun

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Everyone has dreams, whether it is fame, money, intelligence, or power, everybody possesses them. The American Dream is not quite like a typical dream, as it is a belief of a finer life through hard work and dedication. A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry tells the story of the Younger family and each of their American Dreams. The Youngers are a substandard African-American family living in the Chicago Southside, when they receive a check for $10,000. In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, the characters have to put their own individual dreams aside to achieve the ultimate American Dream of owning a home.
Beneatha Younger has big dreams of becoming a doctor. Although, she does not have many supporters as a young black woman pursuing a career in the medical field. Since she is the most educated in her family, she is sometimes seen as obnoxious and out of place along with her relatives. Readers find out her reasoning for wanting to be a doctor as she speaks to Asagai, “I always thought it was the one concrete thing in the world that a human being could do. Fix up the sick, you know – and make them whole again” (Hansberry 132). Beneatha tells the story of watching a young boy being repaired by doctors and knowing right then, that is what she wants to do. Another factor of Beneatha’s goal is because she feels as if she needs to prove herself as a black woman. She has always wanted this career and will not let how she looks stop her. However, before she can become a doctor,
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